Teensy Styling Guide

October 21, 2022
By Claire Xue

Whether you’re considering buying your very first Teensy piece(s), or you’re just in the Mood for a bit of creative inspiration, we’re here to share a few styling tips. You know, so you can continue to create scroll-stopping(ly cute and teensy) imagery?

" You can create a cascading stairstep effect by propping the Ziggy upon a hidden piece or prop (or our very own Cube bundle, to be exact).  "

When it comes to styling and designing sets for product photography shoots, one thing is certain: the teensier, the cuter.

At least, that’s what we say. And since we’re writing this blog all by ourselves, we’ll just assume that you agree.

So, if you’ve eyed our Teensy collection, but haven’t been able to convince yourself to click *add to cart*, we’re here to prove just how multifunctional these pieces really are. If you know you want to grab a Teensy piece or two, but you can’t decide on what style, this blog is also for you.

And if you’re simply here to enjoy our tips and tricks and maybe even grab some inspiration of your own, that’s no bother. The more the merrier ⭐

Without further ado, we’ve got some Teensy Styling tips to share with you!

Ziggy Tips

Stair steps

If you’re working with smaller cylindrical makeup products (ex: mascara or lipstick) or dainty jewelry, there’s always the obvious option: setting Ziggy on its back, and placing products in between each zig and zag.

But, if you’re wanting to add a bit more dimension and interest to the eye, you can create a cascading stairstep effect by propping the Ziggy up on a hidden piece or prop (or our very own Cube bundle, to be exact). 

The effect? Your products will look like they’re traipsing along a stairway to heaven. That’s all one could ever want, right?


This one won’t blow your mind, but it will add some fun texture and volume to your set: take two or more Ziggy pieces, and stack them one on top of the other to create a minimalist chevron pattern. 


Did we forget to mention that the best part about our Teensy pieces is that they’re absolutely, positively multifunctional? Not only are they tiny (hence the name), but they’re light and easy to carry to and from each location, while simultaneously serving as the perfect prop or ornamental piece. 

Use your Ziggy on your desktop to store your pens and pencils, or in your room to display your favorite pieces of jewelry. Trust us: you’ll love it.

" Grabbing two or more Wavy pieces and interlocking their ends. "

Wavy Tips

One of the most common questions we receive about our Teensy pieces is whether they’re possibly too teensy. 

While we’re prone to clutching our pearls and gasping at the mere notion, we understand. The Teensy pieces are small, and one might mistakenly assume that this means they’re only feasible for tiny products.

Well, we recommend grabbing two or more Wavy pieces and interlocking their ends. From there, you can set the pieces on their sides, or lay them down to achieve the effect of one longer, larger surface. 

Of course, you can always use multiple pieces in the same color, or appease your color blocking Mood and use one of each. The world is your (wavy) oyster.

Smiley Tips

Want a larger, crescent shaped background for the candles, glassware or other products you have to shoot? Place two or more Smiley pieces side by side to create a crescent-shaped backdrop.

Once again, we always recommend multiple hues - because everything’s just better with color.

Bonus (just because) Tips

Colorful Sand

A little bit of sand can go a long way. We love seeing our Teensy pieces topped and layered with colorful sands - so try it out! 

If you’re in need of a good sand recommendation, we’ve been loving Sandsational sparkle. You can grab it here!

Bubble Wrap

Really, would we be Moodelier if we didn’t include aesthetically pleasing bubble wrap in your Teensy package? 

We just so happen to send each Teensy piece out in our colorful heart-shaped bubble wrap. Did we intend for that bubble wrap to be used for creative shoots? No, but the Moodelier community is nothing if not resourceful.

Use the (free) bubble wrap that comes in your Teensy package for extra texture and support in your creative shoots! Then, tag us and send us pictures of what you create, so we feel like geniuses. 

Please and thanks 👀

One last thing: We’d be remiss if we didn’t share a teensy reminder that your perfect Teensy bundle is just a few clicks away. Combine your favorite colors and pieces here!



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