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Creating scroll-stopping visuals for small business.
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Your go-to atelier for creating scroll-stopping visuals through furniture-grade modular objects that serve as Home Decor, Retail Displays, and Set pieces. Stay in the creative mood and harness the power of AI.

But there’s a bit more to scroll-stopping visuals than meets the eye, isn’t there? Learn more about our story, here. 

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The Moodelier Home Collection

Enter the world of moodelier and experience the new moodelier wavy cubes home collection. 🧡

The collection features the new wavy cubes pieces in two versions which can be used in various ways, such as side tables, stools, benches and the possibilities are endless. The wavy cubes are available in purple and white.

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Moodelier Home Collection
Bubbly Mirror


Moodelier Tote bag in color sunflower/yellow. Made out of recycled plastic. Great for everyday.

Moodelier Merch

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Moodelier Delights

Who doesn't love a freebie? We love getting them and we love giving them even more. So come in - we're giving you free gifts so you can take Moodelier with you anywhere (phone wallpapers anyone?).... Isn't this delightful?

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Moodelier Home

The oversized, modular, flippable, stackable and buildable decor you’ve always dreamt of - with a twist. Introducing: The Homebody Collection.

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The Classics

They say having your first child changes you forever... Our classics have certainly changed our lives - after all they've helped build this community! They'll always have an extra special place in our heart and we hope they'll continue finding an extra special place in front of your camera(s). So come in and meet our oldest children... We mean 'cough' pieces 'cough'.

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The Teensies

Teensy... because Creativity's strongest heroes also come in small packages. Use all three pieces from our Teensy Collection however, whenever and wherever you feel is best. Petite and portable, the Teensies can be used for your creative work, your product display or your home.

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Your favorite pieces now have their own portraits. (but we’ll call them Moodscapes) 😉 So, what even are Moodscapes, you ask? The answer is simple: Moodscapes are stock photography and mockups, done the Moodelier way. We created Moodscapes to help you achieve scroll-stopping imagery while overcoming your every spatial, budgetary, and time-related woe.

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