A note from our founder Claire

In 2018, I was working as a freelance photographer, prop stylist, art director and event designer. While I loved the challenge of the art I was creating, I continued to encounter the same problem: I needed immersive objects that would perform as well for events, as they would for photoshoots.

After another year or so of sourcing said “creative objects” and “pieces” (because no authentic term had been coined yet), I decided to give up my search. Instead, I did things the difficult way, and I made them myself.

I started Moodelier during a time when multifunctional photography and event pieces were pretty much-uncharted territory. With the help of some creative friends, we sketched, designed, and developed Moodelier’s first pieces, all while researching the perfect manufacturer to bring my vision to life. 

After a strenuous couple of years, Moodelier’s Classic Collection finally hit the market… at the height of the pandemic. Not the easiest time to launch and ship heavy (MDF) pieces overseas, you know? 

Long story short, we (myself and you, the creative community) saw things through. Since then, I’ve had the honor of partnering with over 25 creatives to make educational courses. I’ve also designed and added several new bundles, pieces and colors to Moodelier’s lineup, and I’ve seen the vision I had back in 2018 come to life. 

Since the day I started Moodelier, my vision has always been to transform the way we view our home, workspace, and retail floor. I want to turn those spaces into something more than just a place to live or work —I want them to be intentionally curated as a photo or film set. That's why I had to develop the Moodelier Home collection. That way, we can turn our surroundings into a source of inspiration and creativity.

A woman holding a Pomeranian dog seating on a wavy cube and has curvy step, bumpy bundle, arc and squiggle pieces as a background set.

Often copied but never replicated, I believe that Moodelier is a true testament to what happens when one person follows their dream and an entire community shares in the excitement. 

So, thank you for being here and for supporting my one-woman show. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

Keep it Moody,

Claire + Hazel

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High-end designs, accessible prices

Far too often, creatives have a vision in mind but lack the means, resources, education, and overhead to achieve it. At Moodelier, we believe that creativity is for everyone, and should never be stifled by cost. We’ve designed colorful and immersive pieces and educational resources that will light up your shoots, and your decor. 

Multifunctionality in the artistic space? It’s the name of our game.


Creativity for everyone, everywhere

Whether you’re a photographer, set designer, art director, brand creator, or interior designer, our pieces and resources are made with the intention of helping you unleash your inner artist, while creating amazing visuals.

Moodelier pieces are unique in the sense that they can be utilized in your living room, at an outdoor photoshoot or experience, or in a studio. Wherever you choose to create your vision, our pieces were carefully designed to showcase your subject, and never overshadow. 

Through our online, self-paced course bundles, and blog, we strive to make cutting-edge creative education accessible and achievable. We pride ourselves in partnering with the most exciting creators, brand owners, photographers, and visionaries of our time to create educational resources unlike any other. 

If you’ve made it this far, we have a feeling that you share our love of color and multifunctional pieces. In other words, you’ve come to the right place. 


Bridging the gap between immersion and achievability

Moodelier was founded with the intention of creating unique, scroll-stopping pieces that aid in elevating your artistic vision - whatever that may be. As a team, we’re a collection of photographers, set creators, experiential designers and all-around art enthusiasts. We know firsthand that immersive, well-designed pieces (and education on how to use them) are nearly impossible to find, let alone afford.

At Moodelier, we focus on bridging the gap between piece accessibility and education, while creating an affordable way for creatives of every background to meet their artistic needs. 

Now, we have only one question for you: are you ready to finally see your vision come to life? Check out our shop.

Since we mentioned educational resource...

Look, we won’t keep you any longer. We just wanted to let you know that if you were curious about expanding your creative skill set, you might want to check out our blogs and courses.

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