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A world of colour

At Moodelier, we believe that amazing visuals are for everyone. This is what we've designed 7 colourful bundles, which will help you take your shoots to the next level. Playful, modern and elegant, our pieces will help you create amazing sets.

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Sold Out

The Teensy Bundle (3-piece)

$ 108.00 USD
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Product Information


6.3"h x 7.01"w x 1.27"l


5.51"h x 7.23"w x 1.07"l


7.01"h x 7.30"w x 1.00"l

Bundle Weight (inc. packaging): 0.75kg

Material and Care: Polyurethane, wipe clean

Our “White” colour is considered an unfinished primer. It will need to be finished and/or repainted, if required. 

Dimensions in inches.

Products made to order from our factory in China.