How to Create an Instaworthy Home Office

October 21, 2022
By Claire Xue

There’s working from an office, and then there’s working from an Instaworthy office. Say what you will, but those two just feel different. Not only is it fun to have a space that you don’t mind sharing with your online audience, but there’s something to be said about working in an area that sparks your creativity. And for us creatives, a good space is pretty important.

" Feel free to play around with colors, and don’t feel confined to just one kind of palette or shade. "

In today’s blog, we want to share some tried and true tips on how to create an Instaworthy home office. Then, we’ve got a list of our favorite shops for you to check out, so you can create your own space, too. 

The How
Trust us - we believe that simplicity in design and decor is everything. That said, there are a few (or several) key things you can do to spruce up your space, while throwing in your own artistic touch.

Inspiring art + fun wall hangings

Choose fun, cheerful colors that pop well in your space. Rather than opting for visually complex and complicated works of art that cause you to ponder and think, consider these pieces of art and wall hangings to be components of the overall work of art - your work space. 

What colors and shapes inspire you? What makes you feel peaceful and ready to work? Ask yourself those questions, and then build out a color scheme that’ll fit and feel harmonious within your space. 

The great news about opting for art and wall hangings rather than painting the walls yourself? You can constantly change and switch things up on an as-needed basis, without going through with a huge project every time.

Functionality can play a huge part in your design, too! Our favorite wall calendar from Poketo fits the bill when looking for a pop of color, and it gives the functionality every office space needs. 

Play with your color scheme

Feel free to play around with colors, and don’t feel confined to just one kind of palette or shade. As long as your choice of color remains on theme, you can bring in as much or as little as you’d like.

You might opt for a super colorful rainbow palette. Or, you might find that you’d like to stick with a warm-toned or cool-toned vibe. Find out what colors inspire you to create, and build your theme out from there.

" Play with shapes, textures, and textiles "

Add a mirror

Most of us are working from smaller office spaces, and that’s completely fine. A mirror can add the visual effect of a more spacious room - it also doesn’t hurt that it can be a great vessel for content, like mirror selfies. You know we love a good mirror selfie.

Depending on the size of your space, a floor or wall mirror could be a great addition to your office. Think of your mirror as just another piece of decor that can be used to add visual interest to your space. 

Personally, we recommend choosing fun, organic mirror shapes so that your mirror serves as a piece of art, too. Make sure to position your mirror opposite a wall or area of your office that’s also nicely decorated and organized, since people will see what is behind you reflected in your photos and content. 

Try some neon

We firmly believe that everyone needs a good neon sign. So, create a custom sign with a quote, one-liner or your brand name! Not only is this a fun way to add color to your space, but the additional light doesn’t hurt, either.

Buy some bins

Use smaller crates and bins to organize your accessories and work supplies. The more colorful, the better!

We make it a mission to give everything in our office a place - and that place tends to be in an assigned basket or bin.

Grab a solid table and storage cabinet

You’re going to spend all day, every day working at your desk, and then putting that work away in your storage cabinet. Choose pieces that you actually enjoy looking at, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Catch it all

What is an office space without a cute catchall tray? Serving both in functionality and as a fun piece of art, we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug our favorite Teensy piece: the Smiley.

You can use the Smiley for your keys, office supplies, accessories, jewelry and then later implement it as a prop for that upcoming shoot of yours. 

You’re welcome.

Candles, duh

To set the Mood, and to also add to the visual *aesthetic* of your space. 

Play with shapes, textures and textiles

Try to implement a variation of different shapes, textures and textiles. This can be done by placing smaller pieces on your desk and storage cabinet, or through fun and funky mirrors and wall hangings. 

We may or may not be dropping some fun, multifunctional (and large) pieces very soon. To help you add visual interest to your space, of course.

To find out when our newest pieces will go live, just join our waitlist!

Join the waitlist

Add a throw

A good, on-brand throw can go a long way to hide those ugly (yet supportive) office chairs we all have, while keeping you warm. The more patterned, the better.

Get a rug

Not only is a fun and funky area rug super cozy, but it’ll help with the acoustics of your space, too. We wouldn’t want your zoom calls sounding oddly echoey, would we?

Buy flowers that can never die

So yes, flowers will brighten up any space. But dead, shriveled up flowers will not.

If you lack a green thumb like we do, opt for beautifully hand painted + dried florals! They’ll add another pop of color and dimension, and will last forever. 


The Where

You didn’t think we’d give you marching orders without a full list of resources, did you? Here are our favorite shops and places for all things office decor.

Poketo: for fun stationery, planners, work supplies and wall calendars.

Yellow Pop: for custom neon signs.

Hay: for colorful crates and cute desk supplies.

Target: for our favorite storage cabinet

The Teensy Collection: for your catchall and desk decor needs.

Boy Smells: for candles + great packaging.

Dusen Dusen: for fun throws and textiles.

Cold Picnic: for cozy and colorful area rugs.

There you go! And by the way, we’d love to see your space. Next time you share a photo or video of your office, tag us with #madeitaMood so we can oooh and ahhh over your Instaworthy office, too.



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