A world of colour

At Moodelier we believe that amazing visuals are for everyone. This is why we’ve designed a series of colourful pieces, which will help your shoots standout. Playful, modern and elegant, our pieces will help create incredible visuals… and as a bonus they can also be used as fun decorative pieces. Start on your journey to amazing visuals now.



The Teensy Bundle (3-piece)

$ 113.00 USD

Use all three pieces from our Teensy Collection however, whenever and wherever you feel is best. Petite and portable, the Teensies can be used for your creative work, your product display or your home.

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The Ziggy Bundle (2-piece)

$ 104.00 USD

With our two-piece Ziggy Bundle, you can create layered dimension unlike ever before. Whether you use them as the focal point of your next shoot, as a background for your display case, or even to store your pencils, pens and necklaces.

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The Wavy Bundle (2-piece)

$ 104.00 USD

Use both pieces from our Wavy Bundle in any which way you prefer - because that’s the point. They’re wavy. Regardless of how you choose to position them, our Wavy pieces add the fun flair and visual interest you’ve been looking for.

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The Smiley Bundle (2-piece)

$ 104.00 USD

Arguably our most multifunctional of the three bundles, our two-piece Smiley Bundle can be utilized for practically anything. Product photos? Yep. In-store displays? Double yep. In-home catchall trays? Absolutely.

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$ 83.00 USD

Ready to add a bit more fun to your creative life? Grab our Squiggle piece all on its own. It’s all you’ll ever need.

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Curvy step

$ 109.00 USD

Our curvy step piece is one of a kind. A simple and stylish piece, which will elevate your visuals.

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Squiggle portal bundle

$ 161.00 USD

Our Portal Squiggle is one of our most fun sets. Its 2 contrasting pieces, one fun and one more sober, with a contrasting juxtaposition of flowing lines and angles.

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Fluted columns bundle

$ 154.00 USD

Our fluted columns bundle consists of 3 columns, whose ridges will bring dynamism to your visuals.

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Cube bundle

$ 128.00 USD

Want to create dynamic spaces? Our cube set will enable you to create depth and play around with spaces with its 5 pieces (4 squares, 1 rectangle) of difference sizes and heights

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Bumpy bundle

$ 132.00 USD

Our bumpy bundle consists of two of our most boisterous pieces. Modern and fun, our pieces will bring some life to your set

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Arc Bundle

$ 181.00 USD

Our Arc bundle is ideal to create a modern look to highlight your brand and products. The bundle includes 4 pieces which you can mix and match to create a dynamic backdrop for your shoots.

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Arch-ghost bundle

$ 102.00 USD

Because everyone needs a pint-sized archway for their creative projects and decor. An added bonus: when you buy our Arc, you’ll get our Ghost. Spookiness not included.

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Moodelier x Helen Koker Wallpaper

$ 0.00 USD

We've partnered with one of our favorite creatives, Helen Koker, to create Moodelier wallpapers! Featuring some of our favourite Moodelier pieces, we hope they bring a Mood to your phone!

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Moodelier Delights

Who doesn't love a freebie? We love getting them and we love giving them even more. So come in - we're giving you free gifts so you can take Moodelier with you anywhere (phone wallpapers anyone?).... Isn't this delightful?



Can you keep a secret? We're launching another exciting project soon, a way for you to use our collections a lot more easily . Watch out for the announcement but 🤫 don't tell anyone yet...

The Teensies

Teensy... because Creativity's strongest heroes also come in small packages. Use all three pieces from our Teensy Collection however, whenever and wherever you feel is best. Petite and portable, the Teensies can be used for your creative work, your product display or your home.

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The Classics

They say having your first child changes you forever... Our classics have certainly changed our lives - after all they've helped build this community! They'll always have an extra special place in our heart and we hope they'll continue finding an extra special place in front of your camera(s). So come in and meet our oldest children... We mean 'cough' pieces 'cough'.

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