A world of colour

At Moodelier we believe that amazing visuals are for everyone. This is why we’ve designed a series of colourful pieces, which will help your shoots standout. Playful, modern and elegant, our pieces will help create incredible visuals… and as a bonus they can also be used as fun decorative pieces. Start on your journey to amazing visuals now.

Trefoil bundle

$ 93.00 USD

Our Trefoil bundle consists of 2 complementary pieces, which play off each other.

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Fluted columns bundle

$ 149.00 USD

Our fluted columns bundle consists of 3 columns, whose ridges will bring dynamism to your visuals.

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Curvy step

$ 104.00 USD

Our curvy step piece is one of a kind. A simple and stylish piece, which will elevate your visuals.

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Squiggle portal bundle

$ 156.00 USD

Our Portal Squiggle is one of our most fun sets. Its 2 contrasting pieces, one fun and one more sober, enables for a contrasting juxtaposition of flowing lines and angles.

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Cube bundle

$ 123.00 USD

Want to create dynamic spaces? Our cube set will enable you to create depth and play around with spaces. The 5 pieces (4 squares, 1 rectangle) of difference sizes and height will enable you to create compelling visuals. They can be used on their own as well as complement any other pieces of the set.

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Bumpy bundle

$ 127.00 USD

Our bumpy bundle consists of two of our most boisterous pieces. Modern and fun, our pieces will bring some life to your set

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Arc Bundle

$ 176.00 USD

Our Arc bundle is ideal to create a modern look to highlight your brand and products. The bundle includes 4 pieces which you can mix and match to create a dynamic backdrop for your shoots.

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