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Learn how Elle and Arabela, the girl bosses behind the Weekend Creative, run a successful photo agency.

" We favor props that are less literal and more conceptual as well as unique. We’re always on the lookout for items that are simple but still visually interesting so that they can be used in multiple shoots. "

What is a week of life look like for you? What do you do each weekday?

Every week is a little different for us depending on what we’re working on. Usually Elle is prepping for upcoming shoots which can include creating shoot plans, shopping for props, building sets, and communicating with clients. She also usually has calls with potential clients and spends time creating estimates and contracts. Arabela is typically working on post production from past shoots or editing podcast episodes. We both spend time writing blog posts and creating educational content as well as recording for our podcast on a bi-weekly basis. We also both spend time on our social media, meet with photographers for coaching calls, and engage in our online community, the Weekend Club. On shoot days, we’re both on set tag-teaming to style and shoot for our clients.

How do you incorporate colors in your work?

We use color a lot - often we are given specific brand colors to work with, but we love playing with pops of color when we can. Color can communicate so much and we think it’s really important to study color theory to make sure that the colors you choose make sense with the intended mood and goal of your images.

How do you define/find evergreen pieces/props that work for your aesthetic?  

One word: Moodelier. Haha but seriously, we have used Moodelier pieces in several shoots and love how versatile they are because we can easily change the colors and the shapes are timeless. We favor props that are less literal and more conceptual as well as unique. We’re always on the lookout for items that are simple but still visually interesting so that they can be used in multiple shoots.

What is your favorite type of project to work on?

That’s so hard! We love the variety and a good challenge so we like that every project is a little different. Something that is always fun is when the product is really beautiful and inspiring. We love when the concepts just flow naturally because we love the product we’re working with. 

How do you incorporate Moodelier pieces and other props into your workflow? Can you show us some photo examples?

As we mentioned, we’ve used Moodelier pieces into many of our shoots. We love using them to add height variation and bring focus to the products. Because they are simple shapes, they can easily be incorporated without distracting from the product, but they’re also interesting enough to be the star of the show when needed! Since we can paint them, they can feel new and fresh just by changing the color which makes them more evergreen. As you can see in the examples, we’ve used them on their own with just the products as well as combined with other props. 

If you were an animal, what would you be? What are your enneagram types? ( you can pick one or both to answer)

We’ll answer both because why not! Arabela is a lion because she’s loyal, proud of herself and others, and likes to be a part of a pack. Elle is an eagle because she’s assertive, goes after what she wants has a good eye. Arabela tested as a 2, 7, and 4 but she’s probably a 2, she’s very considerate and aware of other people and is great at encouraging others. Elle is a 7, she’s very spontaneous, future-focused, and doesn’t like people telling her what to do. 

Who and what are your inspiration currently? Any apps and accounts that we should follow that have been helpful or inspiring for you? 

We’ve always been inspired by Lizzie Darden, and it’s been really fun to have become real-life friends with her this past year. We find a lot of inspiration in graphic design and we’ve recently been inspired by Chandlyr Kay of Freckled Fuchsia (who also happens to be one of our clients!). We also love following @espacio_crudo@jessicavwalsh@partyofonestudio, and @flaminguettes.

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