Our Thoughts on the Biggest Entrepreneurial Educational Courses of the Year

October 20, 2022
By Claire Xue

Outside of the famed quarantine 15, we gained a few things this year. Most important of all? Time. Time to think, time to learn, and time to grow. And friends, we took full advantage of that time. In fact, we mentioned not too long ago that we had purchased not one, but two major courses in 2020. One being KBB by Dean Graziosi, and the other being Business Class by Sophia Amoruso. Both were high ticket courses, and both were well-known. And so, in the name of science, 2020 free-time and curiosity, we took both. And we have thoughts.

At this point, you know us - we’re here to learn, to share those learnings, to divulge our thoughts and tell you as much as humanly possible, without actually downloading the contents of our brain onto a hard drive, and shipping that hard drive off to you. So, if you had any of the following questions running through your mind:


*Is either course worth the price?

*What do they even teach?

*What’s included in each course?

*Who’s involved?

Then we’re about to make your day.

Business Class by Sophia Amoruso - Thoughts & Takeaways

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it twice: Business Class’ branding and marketing is nothing short of being our minimalistic and tonal dream. 

Modern entrepreneurial education has one giant, gaping hole: the presence of female founders who have successfully launched brands geared towards millennials (and Gen Z). Being that Sophia founded the popular Nasty Gal brand, we were immediately intrigued by the thought of learning from her in Business Class. Simply put, we wanted to learn from someone who had real-life experience running a millennial-centric business. 

Outside of the aesthetically pleasing portion of Business Class, we loved the fact that Sophia got down to the nitty-gritty with us, pretty much immediately. She covered every perspective that a business owner might need to learn and know: from how to launch, to how to maintain a healthy and thriving brand. It’s well-known that Sophia faced one of the biggest “failures” of her entrepreneurial career with the brand’s 2016 bankruptcy. You might be thinking, “why on earth would you want to buy an expensive course from Sophia, when she failed her own brand?” 

Well, fellow creative, we believe in learning from others. And we especially believe in learning through other’s mistakes. 

Sophia leaned into everything she knew and had to share about founding and running a brand - and she didn’t only touch on the high points. She spoke about her failures, and shared real examples of what she encountered as a CEO and founder. It was similar to peeking into someone’s most private journal - it was eye-opening and priceless, to say the least.

Sophia also focused quite a bit on the topic of customer experience - not just customer service. Through that module alone, we learned the ins and outs of marketing and the importance of speaking to that ideal customer (and meeting them where they want to be met), from the initial social media introduction, and all the way through to the “add to cart” click. 

Some other things we loved about Business Class?

*At $2,000, the course was an obvious investment. We felt that Sophia went above and beyond to roll  out the red carpet. We received a beautiful Flight Manual by mail (complete with the course catalog, and perfect for storing notes for the years to come), as well as other small perks and gifts. 

*Each module had an exciting guest brand to learn from and watch - and because of Sophia’s expertise and industry know-how, we had the ability to learn from some exciting brands and brand owners (ahem, Away, anyone?). That was a huge bonus, as we’ve always wanted to unlock the minds of visionaries from some of the most successful brands of our time, like Glossier and Away.

*Business Class is just as helpful for budding entrepreneurs, as it is for seasoned business owners. With the foundational (and new) information the course shared, we feel that anyone can benefit from the course catalog.

KBB by Dean Graziosi - Thoughts & Takeaways 

If we were to sum up Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, we’d use only one word: motivational. 

Now you might be wondering where Tony came into the picture - Tony and Dean actually partnered to create KBB. After completing the course, we’d say that a majority of the education was taught by Dean. From time to time, Tony came in to sprinkle his words of wisdom, motivation and inspiration.

That said, we left the Knowledge Broker Blueprint with enough inspiration and motivation to last us through 2021 and beyond.

Dean Graziosi shared his entire marketing framework, while focusing on launching a healthy and profitable business and product. Throughout that process, Dean taught us how to understand our personal superpower (i.e., the thing we do exceptionally well as business owners), while hiring for our weaknesses. We left the course with an entire framework and plan in place to launch our future products. The peace of mind of knowing that we finally had a provable plan and strategy, customized to our brand and goals, made the course purchase worth every penny.

Some odds and ends we loved about KBB:

*Dean, Tony and Jenna Kutcher hosted weekly livestreams and calls that answered and addressed our questions and sticking points throughout the course. Removing even the entire course catalog, we learned so much from just those calls alone.

*After completing the course, we still have access to the KBB community and Facebook group. Meaning - we have a lifelong community and helpful group of people who share the same learnings and experiences to chat with, right at our fingertips. 

*If you have a new idea, brand or business that you’re having difficulty really bringing to life, KBB is the perfect course to help you brainstorm, problem solve, and do things the right way from the beginning.

" If we were, to sum up, Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins, we’d use only one word: motivational. "

Which should you choose?

Ah, the question of all questions. If you’ve read the summaries above, you’re likely realizing that both courses play off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Where one falls short, another thrives. 

In reality, KBB and Business Class are two sides to the same coin. So, we’ll say this:

If you’re wanting a well-branded and themed course that will teach you the foundations of running a successful business, while learning from real-life examples, choose Business Class.

If you’re craving a course that will motivate, inspire and change your mindset about yourself, your abilities, your needs and your business’ future while giving you a solid plan of action to launch that product or idea, choose KBB. 

And if you happen to be craving a little of both, choose both. We promise it was worth every penny - and we say that while knowing all of the things we *could* have purchased instead.

Like fancy drinks. Or more loungewear. 

That speaks volumes, are we right?

Although the Business Class is closed now, you can sign up for waitlist at here.

Learn more about our experience on The Business Class as a past participate at here.

Now, it wouldn’t be right if we wrote an entire blog about courses we loved, and didn’t mention that our Moodelier courses: the Photography Course and the Creative Course, are available now through 12/6/2020! 
Grab both courses as a bundle (or individually), here.

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