Make it Teensy

October 21, 2022
By Claire Xue

Multifunctional, portable pieces for your life + work. There are a few things we love in this life: color, creativity, and multifunctionality. Now, we’d argue that our first-ever pieces from our original Moodelier collection already offered all three of those components. But in typical “us” fashion, we wanted more. More creativity. More multifunctionality. More cuteness.

" Our smallest, cutest, most portable and multifunctional pieces, yet. "

Emphasis on: cuteness. Most importantly, we wanted all of those components, but we wanted to elevate the entire process even further: we wanted even more portability.

So, we created the Teensy Collection. Our smallest, cutest, most portable and multifunctional pieces, yet. Pieces you can use as catchall trays and jewelry displays. Pieces you can use behind your smaller products, or as added layers and dimension to your larger ones. Pieces you can carry with you to your studio or shop during the day, and back home again as decor for your coffee table and desk at night.

The perfect pieces, if you ask us. That’s the Teensy Collection. Mind if we introduce each piece to you?

The Smiley

Our happiest piece yet, the Smiley offers a slight bend and fun texture. You could use the Smiley on its back, and place products or props in its center. You could balance things on one side or the other, for an asymmetrical look.

The ridged texture inside the bend of the Smiley also serves as a fantastic display for those aesthetically pleasing writing utensils we all know you have. Fine, fine - we don’t know your life. But we know ours. And we certainly have a small collection of “favorite” pens and pencils that we wouldn’t mind placing in a cute display.

Our favorite ways to use the Smiley: To show off those cute summer sunnies in our bedroom, and as a catchall tray for our keys and jewelry at the end of a long day.

" You can purchase the Teensy Collection in our core colors of Lilac, Rose, Peach and Mint. If those pastels aren’t scratching your itch, there’s always our White Primer option, too! "

The Ziggy

This one’s just fun for everything. It’s a zigzag - need we say more?

The Ziggy can display those gorgeous necklaces you’ve got to shoot or store, while also serving as a fun backdrop or added layer on top of your other Moodelier pieces. Use it on its side, backwards, forwards or upside down - that’s what’s great about the Ziggy. It works, no matter what.

Our favorite ways to use the Ziggy: laid down with our favorite lip products in each zig and zag, or on top of our Squiggle Platform.


The Wavy

Why have a flat surface, when you can make it wavy?

The Wavy is our softer (not to be confused with less exciting) approach to the Ziggy. Throw your small cosmetics, rings, pens and other jewelry into each wave. Place it on top of another piece to serve as a textured backdrop for your product images or display case!

Our favorite ways to use the Wavy: with any smaller cylindrical product in between each wave - so satisfying. Place it on top of our Bumpy Bundle for added dimension!

Let’s talk color

If we’re honest, this is the most important part of the conversation. Color can make or break a great design, and we’re proud to say that we spent plenty of time selecting the *best* colors for the Teensy Collection.

You can purchase the Teensy Collection in our core colors of Lilac, Rose, Peach and Mint. If those pastels aren’t scratching your itch, there’s always our White Primer option, too! 

With our White Primer option, you’ll want to plan on finishing and repainting your pieces. We offer our White Primer option as a way for you to easily paint your pieces whatever color you’re craving, without having to sand things down beforehand. If you did want to keep your pieces white, we’d recommend finishing and repainting them white so that they have a glossier look (and are prone to less scratches and smudges). 

We’ve also seen some incredible repainting and recoloring work with our previous Moodelier pieces, and the Teensy Collection will be no exception. Click here to read up on how to effectively repaint your pieces, or change colors in post-production. 

We love the Ziggy, Wavy and Smiley so much, we even filmed a video. Click here to watch Claire show off our newest Teensy Collection in each color, and grab some inspo on the best ways to use each piece! 


Photo: @helenkoker


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