Creator Spotlight: Amanda Campeanu

October 20, 2022
By Claire Xue

What does a week of life look like for you? What do you do each weekday? Every day is a different project! I usually schedule my shoots from Mon-Wed and a lot of editing to Thursdays as I find my energy at the end of the week begins to fade a little. Then Fridays-Sundays are dedicated purely for my own content creation which includes my youtube and my online course Become A Brand Photographer.

" My primary type is 3. Three’s are defined by their desire to achieve which I think is incredibly accurate for me. "

How do you incorporate colors in your work? Do you work with the same colors all the time?

I definitely shoot A LOT of pink haha. As my niche is mainly in skincare and beauty, pink seems to be a popular colour amongst brands. I really enjoy using bright and bold colours in my work but it always depends on the brand I’m shooting for and what their colour palette is. 

How do you define/find pieces/props that work for your aesthetic?  

I’m a big fan of the ‘less is more’ approach and so I’ve always found inspiration in props such as Moodelier’s that are abstract and can direct the eye towards the product. I think sometimes too many props can be distracting (especially when working with beauty and skincare). When I take on a project, I will try to define a theme or mood for the photoshoot. I study the brand’s identity, their website and current visuals to understand their target audience and what might appeal to them in terms of vibe and aesthetic. A lot of the time my prop cupboard does the trick but sometimes I will spend hours searching online or even in my local community for props that will tell a story. 

What is your favorite type of project to work on?

I’m most in my element when I’m in my home studio, the tunes are playing and I’m doing a skincare or beauty shoot. Having said that, my dream project was shooting for Crowne Plaza hotel in Melbourne. I really love changing up my space and getting away when I can so this project really meshed both my love for hotel getaways and photography. It’s probably the best fun I’ve ever had on a project. 

How do you incorporate Moodelier pieces and other props into your workflow? Can you show us some photo examples?

I’m a HUGE fan of using blocks and shapes to compliment products and so I’ll usually start with a base to display the product on first. And then see how I can use the Moodelier pieces to create more interest to the scene. When you have products of different heights it really helps to have the cube set handy to separate the products so each stands on its own.

What are your enneagram types? 

My primary type is 3. Three’s are defined by their desire to achieve which I think is incredibly accurate for me. I’m pretty hard on myself if I’m not achieving something or feel like I’m not successful in what I’m doing. Closely behind is a Type 1. 

" A 30-45sec video could take us a full day to shoot and then another 5-7 hours to edit depending on the complexity. "

Who and what are your inspirations currently?

I am really inspired by many creators I follow on social media. I think there are so many talented people and it’s amazing to see what creative concepts they come up with! I’m always inspired by light though. When I’m on location or in the studio doing a shoot, if I can find a creative way to use light to compliment the products I’m shooting, it just opens up a whole new world of creativity to me. 

Any fun fact about you that you’d like to share?

I have a Masters degree in Finance which I never use. 

I know you do photography and video both, can you talk a little bit about the differences of the creative progress between creating photography and videography. 

Usually with photography we’ll start with mapping out a theme and then planning the props and backgrounds for the shoot. Whereas for a video we’ll start with the storyline and then break down the specific actions and types of shots (e.g. push in, spin etc) we need to capture in order to tell the whole story of the product. Videos usually take a lot longer to produce that photos especially during the editing process. We try and incorporate a lot of creative transitions in our edits and make the first 5 seconds as engaging as possible. A 30-45sec video could take us a full day to shoot and then another 5-7 hours to edit depending on the complexity. 

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All Photos: @amandacampeanu

Youtube: Amanda Campeanu


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