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Diane Villadsen

Diane Villadsen is a color-obsessed commercial photographer whose work explores surreal spaces and themes. Clients include Zappos, Allbirds, Mailchimp, Oppo, Twitter, Bose, and Atelier Cologne. Her work has been published in Aesthetica Magazine, Content Magazine, Ignant, Frankie Magazine, and Fstoppers.

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Teresa Freitas

Teresa C. Freitas is a fine art photographer and content creator from Lisbon, Portugal. In her portfolio, you can find collaborations with brands like Netflix, Dior, Pantone and Polaroid. Teresa's artistry lies in composition and the conceptual way she uses colour, as a way to subvert familiar motifs into something less tangible and more cinematic.

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Helen Koker

Based in Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, Helen Koker is an Art Director, Photographer, and Multi-Disciplinary Creative. Specializing in creating unique and captivating visual media, Helen’s work is highly refined and often minimal, striking a delicate balance between artful conceptualization and meticulous production. A sensitive approach to color and balance, along with specialized post-production techniques, allow Helen to exceed the bounds of traditional image-making and produce remarkable and engaging content.

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