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At Moodelier, we believe that amazing visuals are for everyone. That’s why we’re launching our $97.00 course on June 29th. It will give you unlimited access to 8 courses, created by 8 amazing creatives.

Diane Villadsen

Diane Villadsen is a San Francisco based photographer. Stepping into her universe is stepping into a fascinating world of colors. She’ll teach you how to shoot creative still photos for stock and elevate your products.

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Weekend Creative

Weekend Creative, otherwise known as Arabela and Elle, are a photographer/art director team based in San Francisco. Known for their unique and playful concepts, they’ll show you how to use Capture One to design and style a product shoot.

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Teresa Freitas

Do you want to learn how to inject movement to your still-life? Watch Teresa Freitas’s course on adding movement to a still-life scene with simple animation techniques that can be done from your home. As a fine-art photographer, Teresa’s strengths lies in her artistry and the way she uses composition and colors to create cinematic images.

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Lizzie Darden

Lizzie Darden creates beautiful colorful worlds, where the product tells the story. Her class will focus on photographing and retouching tricky texture, such as reflective surfaces that can be tough to capture and edit.

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Anna-Alexia Basile

Are you the face of your brand? Then it’s time to take your image making to the next level with Anna-Alexia’s self-portrait class. In this course you’ll learn all about selecting a location, creating the scene, styling the perfect outfit, tips and tricks for setting up your camera as well as posing and taking the perfect shot. Anna-Alexia Basile is a fashion, travel and commercial photographer. She’s worked with clients such as Refinery29, Google, and Disney.

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Tropico Photo

Backgrounds can make or break a good photograph. To learn how to add gradients and glow to your background, watch Tropico Photo's class. This incredible duo’s work draws on the feeling of an ambiguous time and place. Their course will help your product stand-out.

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Katy Veauux

Katy Veauux is a Commercial Photographer and Art Director, whose work is cinematic, conceptual and colorful. She specializes in set design, and she will teach you how to make your idea a visual reality through colorful set design for product photography.

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Melissa Landestoy

Want to learn how to create amazing visuals with your iPhone? In that case, Melissa Landestoy’s class is made just for you. A NYC/NY based Art Director and Digital Content Creator, Mel’s been working with major brands for the past 10 years, and teaching business owners how to utilize their smartphones to deliver amazing branding. Her course is all you need to start creating amazing visuals straight from your phone without having to pick up a camera.

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Pre-orders open from 11/26/20