We took Amy Porterfield’s course, so that you could too

October 21, 2022
By Claire Xue

We took Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy mostly out of sheer curiosity and inability to self-pace, but also out of an inherent need to get all of the details for you, so you can figure out whether you’d like to jump on the bandwagon, too. In other words, we did the dirty work so you don’t have to. If you’ve ever considered launching your own digital course, and haven’t known where to start - this summary’s for you.

" Amy’s digital course framework has been largely popularized and utilized by many well-known online course creators. "

Course Summary

In the Digital Course Academy, Amy Porterfield takes the time to teach everything an entrepreneur might need to know about creating and launching a digital course online. Additionally, Amy covers the basics of how to continually market that course in order to sell it over and over again. 

Now, the Digital Course Academy is a comprehensive course that goes through the fundamentals of live launching a course, completely online. By sharing her tried and true personal digital course strategy, you’re allowed a peek into the inner workings of what really goes into a successful course launch.

If you don’t know who Amy Porterfield is, allow us to digress. She’s got decades of experience in entrepreneurial marketing education. In fact, if you were to find her on Instagram right now, you’d notice that she’s dubbed herself as the “Online Marketing Educator.” 

Amy’s digital course framework has been largely popularized and utilized by many well known online course creators. It’s essentially *the* course to opt for, when considering creating and launching a course of your own. 

Yes, it’s a course for your course. Fun, right?

In summary, the Digital Course Academy covers the basics of creating and launching a successful digital course, while teaching on topics such as: the differences between paid and organic leads, gathering leads from ads, building social media and email marketing funnels, offering a free masterclass to gain course opt-ins, and more.

What the Course Includes

It’s important to note that every single module within the Digital Course Academy is accompanied by several lessons with homework you can complete in your own workbook (via a downloadable PDF). Now, we’ve found that course workbook to be fairly helpful, as it offers an essential cheat sheet to check your answers, checklists for the course itself, and templates to utilize in your own business. 

As an example of the layout of Amy’s course, we’ve included one module (and its subsequent lessons) for you, below. Keep in mind, there are actually 8 modules included in the course, each with multiple lessons assigned!

Module One: 7 keys decisions 

Lesson 1: Choosing Your Course Topics

Lesson 2: Getting Clear On Your Ideal Customer Avatar 

Lesson 4: Crafting a Stellar Course Name  

Lesson 5: Pricing Your Course

Lesson 6: Choosing Your Course’s Content Creation Strategy

Lesson 7: Scheduling Your Launch Dates

Additionally, we picked up a quick tip that we thought we’d share: if you purchase Amy’s course during her live webinar, you’ll likely receive bonus materials and coursework that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. At no additional cost.

Our favorite 😌


Need to Knows

Given the fact that the Digital Course Academy is available via live launch only, you’re able to purchase it when Amy opens course doors twice a year. Within those two times a year, the public has roughly 10 days to purchase and join the Digital Course Academy. 

It’s also worth mentioning that this is a “drip” course. If you’re wondering why on earth that’s notable or important, just know: each week, a new module drops. After that module’s release, Amy hosts a live call to answer questions regarding that week’s module. 

That said, we wouldn’t necessarily call this course self-paced, in the sense of being able to work ahead (like we usually do). To date, we’ve only been able to get as far as Module 4, while we await Amy’s next release. To creative entrepreneurs or side hustlers who have multiple things on one tiny plate, it may or may not be important to note that the Digital Course Academy is a bit more “live” than other courses we’ve completed. This can give you a sense of being part of a community, but it can also be restrictive with your schedule - forcing you to take the modules within the set week, in order to be able to learn from Amy’s weekly lives.

Pros & Cons

We’ve broken things down into a simple pro and con list, because who doesn’t love reading through a few bullet points, are we right?

Course Pros

*The course offers a detailed road map of everything you need to know to create your own digital course.

*Amy’s covered all the details, right down to the PDF workbook and assigned lessons.

*Once you purchase the course, you’re given access to templates to utilize for things like your business’ sales page, or social media content.

*The Digital Course Academy comes with a full tech library, where you can find a ton of helpful tutorials on platforms and tools to better enhance your course learning experience.

*You’ll receive tons of bonuses and guest teachers to add to your course creation journey (ahem, like guest speaker Jasmine Star).

*Amy hosts weekly Facebook Live calls for each new module’s release.

*You’ll gain lifetime access to all course updates and launches. 

Course Cons

*Due to the fact that every course participant has the same access to templates and resources within the catalogue, it’ll take a little extra intentionality in order to make your own course and its subsequent marketing unique. However, this isn’t the end of the world. Just mentally file away this brief aside - don’t skip out on utilizing the templates that you’re given, but make them your own. There’s nothing worse than an accidentally identical caption or email!

" Amy’s course focused primarily on launching a digital course. "

A Comparison

As you may already know, we previously purchased KBB by Dean Graziosi, and Business Class by Sophia Amoruso

In terms of cost and value for the knowledge, resources and access you’re given, we’d say that KBB, Business Class and the Digital Course Academy are all neck and neck. All three courses cost roughly $2,000 each, and offered around the same value when it came down to the course curriculum, bonuses and lesson work.

Where KBB and Business Class focused on wholistic business marketing, Amy’s course focused primarily on launching a digital course. We’d say that if you are needing general marketing, entrepreneurial and business-related education, you should lean towards Business Class. If you’re itching to learn about the ins and outs of building and launching your own course, however, we recommend joining the Digital Course Academy. 


You know the bliss that comes with complete and utter peace of mind?

That’s what we experienced when it came to our expectations and needs for a course about launching a digital course. Trust us, we’ve launched a couple of our own Moodelier courses, and they were no cake walk. Having the ability to learn from an entrepreneur with proven course building and launching experience was a huge relief, and will aid us in our future course drops, too.

Hands down, if you want to learn how to launch a course online, Amy’s course is the one to have. Even if you have launched a course before, we’re all for further research, comparison and spot checking to ensure that the strategy you’ve used before, will be effective and safe to use again. 

Really, what’s success if you can’t prove it’s possible twice or thrice?

Photos: amyporterfield.com


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