Three Simple Steps to Creating the Ultimate Instagrammable Corner

October 11, 2022
By Claire Xue

If we were to sum up 2020, a few things would come to mind: furry coworkers, 24/7 loungewear, and self-timed iPhone photoshoots. While iPhone photoshoots might have already been a thing pre-pandemic, now more than ever, we find ourselves relying on beautiful, self-created imagery for our business’ social media and marketing needs. The key to any incredible at home photoshoot lies in creating an exceptional space that inspires you to, well, take photos.

Creating an Instagrammable corner in your home may sound expensive and time consuming, but with the right plan in place, anyone can create one. Keep on reading for our 3-step guide to creating an Instagrammable corner in your home!

Step One: Choose your color story

The key to a successful and Instagrammable area lies in color. Will your corner’s color scheme be monochromatic, tonal or contrast? For those of you who are just starting to experiment with color, we’ve broken down all three below:

Monochromatic: by sticking with a monochromatic color palette, you’re choosing the exact same color for every single product, backdrop and prop. You can also utilize different shades of the same color, to create a dimensional and monochromatic color scheme. 

Tonal: rather than using identical colors for your space, a tonal palette indicates that you’re using similar color tones. As an example, think: greens and yellows, yellows and oranges, oranges and reds, or reds and pinks. 

Contrast: a contrasting palette may be the easiest to guess - this palette uses opposites as a contrast to increase visual appeal. Try yellow and purple, yellow and blue, red and green, red and blue… the list goes on. Picture the color wheel - colors that are opposite from one another on the wheel are complimentary, contrasting colors. 

So, take a moment to think about what color palette might inspire you to take photos. What colors work with your brand, and what would look beautiful on your feed? 

Step Two: Identify what types of images you’ll create

Once you’ve chosen your color palette, it’s time to find and incorporate props and pieces to bring your Instagrammable corner to life. Before selecting those pieces, it’s important to understand what kind of images you’ll create.

Still-life photography incorporates parts of the body, and for the most part, shows off intricate details of trending, beautiful and eclectic pieces. As an example, you could create a mixed group of props, with pieces like: vases, floral arrangements, candles, calendars, mirrors, fruit, paintings and busts. 

The goal in creating a still-life corner is to have different levels in height to create a more dynamic in-frame view. All you’ll need when creating still-life images is a smaller surface area or table, making this method great for smaller homes and shared spaces. 

Now, if your Instagrammable corner will be primarily used for portrait sessions, you’ll want to seek out a larger space in your home. Simply put, you’ll be in the photos, which means that your in-frame space will need to be far more expansive!

We love the idea of having a place for you to sit on or lean against - this could be a beautiful armchair, fun stool or large, moveable blocks and objects you can switch up from time to time. The idea is to create a space your body can move around in, and interact with. 

Step Three: Get creative

The best photographers have been known to create stunning images with very few, inexpensive props. If you look around your home, it’s likely you’ll find incredible (and underrated) pieces for you to utilize in your own photoshoot.

Think of things like real plants, large painted leaves, or preserved floral arrangements. Use the draping of your curtains as your backdrop to create a soft look. Display fun shapes or objects in different heights and sizes to create excitement for your eyes. You could even draw shapes on the walls to create a fun mural wall in your home (apologies to your partners, children and parents!). Add a neon sign - it’ll give your home an instant facelift and cast some eclectic light in your images.

Lastly, always think about texture and how it’ll play out in your photos. Add a fun rug, or other objects that vary in texture with the rest of your props to give warmth to your Instagrammable corner. Place a large mirror in the area if you’d like to take a mirror selfie - just make sure the area that is reflected back in that mirror coordinates, or else the world might see your old moving boxes and bin of dog toys 😉

Ultimately, the purpose of an Instagrammable corner lies in giving you a creative space and outlet to feel inspired to take new photos. Beautiful images can be created anywhere, and the goal is that you’ll feel confident and capable before hitting that shutter button.


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