The Business Class Experience - Breaking down Business Class by Sophia Amoruso

October 21, 2022
By Claire Xue

Not too long ago, we shared our thoughts on the biggest entrepreneurial educational courses of 2020. We talked about quite a few courses and resources, including Business Class by Sophia Amoruso. At the time, we’d worked our way through Business Class, but hadn’t had the chance to fully digest the things we learned, indulge in the add-ons and bonus features, or truly implement the education in our brand. Well, it’s been a couple of months now, and we’re happy to share that Business Class? It’s got an A+ rating from yours truly.

" In the past, we’ve noticed a gap in the educational world for real, tried and true business education, from brand owners and entrepreneurs in the creative space. "

You might be thinking, “but Moodelier, there are thousands of courses I could purchase. Why would THIS one be any different?” and to that we say: we see you, we hear you, and we also know that finding a business course that’s created by a creative entrepreneur and millennial, FOR creative entrepreneurs and millennials, is rare. Really, really rare.

While we were drawn in by the fun and aesthetically pleasing branding, we fell in love with the educational materials, and Sophia’s raw and open communication about her entrepreneurial journey.

So, here are our final thoughts on Business Class by Sophia Amoruso. At the end of this, we hope that you’ll be able to decide whether the course is or isn’t for you. Either way, we’re glad to have you -  and we promise to only use a couple of flight quips and puns.

Now, let’s get ready for take off. (We had to)

Our experience

As we mentioned in our previous blog, we purchased Business Class out of sheer curiosity. We have a little thing called course FOMO, and this was one business course we did not want to miss out on.

We were immediately intrigued by the theme of the course - naturally, it’s called Business Class. From what we could see, it had a ton of visually appealing marketing, including beautiful imagery, fun graphics and colors. Being that we’re a creative brand, we’re attracted to education from fellow creatives who have an eye for beautiful branding. In the past, we’ve noticed a gap in the educational world for real, tried and true business education, from brand owners and entrepreneurs in the creative space.

Mind you, we realize that aesthetics are not everything. That said, we happen to have a passion for branding and visuals (go figure), so a business course that also happened to be the most well-marketed, branded and designed course we’d seen yet? Yeah, we were in.

We went ahead and purchased the course (which felt scary due to the investment, but we’ll cover that in a bit), and expected things to go as they usually do with a digital course registration: potentially a confirmation email, and a login to create. We were genuinely so surprised and pleased to find out that not only did we receive a digital copy of the course workbook (the Flight Manual), Sophia’s team also mailed the Flight Manual and some other goodies in a beautifully packaged welcome box within 5 days. 

Now, you might think that we’re making a big deal over a box of paper and a few other goodies, but keep in mind: not having to print out a fairly large course workbook can go a long way. There’s something about the additional duties of having to head to the print shop to get things bound or carefully organized, and eventually just sticking with the digital workbook while missing out on the benefits of working with pen and paper. Additionally, it felt good to open what felt like a present from Sophia and her team after taking a financial leap of faith. Right away, we felt that while we’d invested a good amount into the course, we were already getting the Business Class Experience.

What Business Class Includes

Business class has a total of seven “flights” (cute, right?) over the course of the 8-week program. In each individual flight, you’ll complete a series of “legs,” and in each leg is a downloadable workbook with homework to implement in your own business. Unlike many courses out there, we felt that the homework and additional workbooks involved in the course were super helpful in providing real world examples and ways to immediately implement what we were learning.

And because we completely appreciate Sophia’s commitment to the Business Class theme, here’s a breakdown of the 7 flights included in the course:

Flight 1: The Jet Fuel. 

Flight 2: Passenger Check-in

Flight 3: A Brand That Soars

Flight 4: Ground Control

Flight 5: Hark! It's Marketing

Flight 6: Loyalty Points

Flight 7: The Team On The Ground

" we actually recommend paying upfront, which was significantly less costly in the long run. Additionally, attendees who paid in full were given a bonus call Sophia and a guest speaker to indulge in. "

*Sigh* You know we love a pun.

Now, at the end of each flight, Sophia actually hosts a live zoom call with everyone in the course. This was such a valuable add-on - the ability to have a Q&A session with the course creator (who also happened to build a huge clothing empire for millennials), was worth the value of the course alone. 

To top off the 7 flights and Q&A sessions with Sophia, we also were given access to join the Lounge, which is essentially an app that allows you to connect and chat with anyone else in the course. The Lounge also served as our notification system for bonus guest speakers (ahem, Away, anyone?), and any other links or platforms we might need for the course. We found that the Lounge was super convenient, as it housed all of our resources in one cohesive space.

The Investment

We realize that taking the $2,000 plunge for a business course is steep, if not unachievable for many of us at this time. While we’d never tell you to purchase something you don’t feel comfortable purchasing, we do feel that the course offered a ton of value for the cost.

When we purchased the course, we were offered two payment options: one to pay in full, and the other as a payment plan with interest. After running the numbers and weighing the investment benefits of paying in full vs. signing up for the payment plan, we actually recommend paying upfront, which was significantly less costly in the long run. Additionally, attendees who paid in full were given a bonus call Sophia and a guest speaker to indulge in.

At a $2,000 investment in Business Class, you receive:

*7 “flights” to complete over 8 weeks

*10 Q&A sessions with Sophia

*the Lounge, which is a fully integrated app to improve your course experience

*Lifetime access to the course, course workbook and community

*Access to all zoom meetings when the course reopens, and course updates

*A digital and physical Flight Manual

And to top that off, Business Class also hosted guest speakers, like the founders of Glossier and Away, to chat about their entrepreneurial experience. To us, the ability to be in a somewhat private zoom call with founders of brands that we’ve looked up to over the last several years, made the course investment worth every penny.

But of course, Business Class’ value stood on its own two wheels (get it?), purely for the valuable knowledge the course had to share. In the past, we’ve found that there are two course types on the market: 

*A course for creatives, about being creative, or

*A course for business owners, about running a non-creative business

You can probably see that there’s a gap in the educational community for creative business owners who want to learn more about running a successful creative business. Well, Business Class filled that gap. 

In the course, we learned everything that a traditional business school offers, AND we had the benefit of learning from the real life experiences of Sophia, who founded and ran a multimillion dollar brand. Sophia is an advocate for things like bootstrapping versus raising venture capital, and learning through one’s failures. We quickly realized that she had a voice and message that we hadn’t heard before.

As we mentioned previously, Business Class really is in its own niche, making its value worth even more. Through Business Class, you have the ability to learn excellent business advice from a seasoned female business owner, who also has an exceptional eye for unique and powerful branding. Branding and marketing was another facet of the course, which rounded out our educational experience perfectly.

Lastly, Sophia and the Business Class branding agency gave away an entire branding and mentorship package, worth six figures, to one student from our fall 2020 class. It was an incredible thing to see, to say the least.

So, just to review…

Amazing branding? ✔️

Incredible business and marketing education? ✔️

An exceptional community? ✔️

Fun and valuable bonus materials✔️

Lifetime access? ✔️

No air pockets here ✈️

After the Business Class Experience

A few months and a fairly large time and money investment later, we’re happy to share that we truly stand by everything this course has to offer and teach. We picked up a ton of valuable knowledge along the way, and formed relationships with so many incredible members of the Business Class community.

Most importantly, we couldn’t be more excited to know that with each course update and guest speaker, we’ll have access to keep on learning and growing, too. 

Now, we’re going to say something that no airline pilot would ever say, and it’s going to be cheesy: we’ll let you take this flight from here. 

Learn more about our experience on The Business Class as a past participate at here.

*Psst, we’ve got some good news! Business Class reopens very soon. To join the waitlist and find out more about upcoming events and class launch dates, just sign up through our link. Please note that we at Moodelier are ambassadors for the Business Class program, and do receive a small commission for every class purchased through our link.

All photos by Business Class by Sophia Amoruso


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