Hi. We're Moodelier

High-end designs, affordable prices

At Moodelier we believe that Creativity is for everyone and shouldn't be stifled by costs. This is why we've designed colorful immersive pieces which will light-up your shoots... or your decor.

Creativity for everyone, everywhere

From photographers to small business owners, set designers, art directors, or brand creators.  Whoever you are and no matter your job, our pieces will help you unleash you creativity and create amazing visuals. They can be used in your living room, in the park or in a professional studio. Wherever you shoot, with our pieces, your subject will stand out. And if you're just as in love with colour as we are, you can use them a elegant decor pieces.

Bridging the gap, immersive pieces

Moodelier is the brain child of our founder, San Francisco-based Claire Xue. As a photographer / set designer / experiential designer and all-around art enthusiast, Claire has first-hand knowledge that immersive, well designed pieces are almost impossible to find. That’s why she’s created Moodelier, a company focused on bridging the gap between large-scale installations, prop houses and furniture designers.

Our next pre-order period will be announced soon.